Metal Frames Specification

Our metal frames are made from 10mm diameter high grade steel, fully Mig welded all round each joint (not spot welded).

Frames can be supplied with heavy duty corrosion and abrasion resistant plastic coating or hot-dip galvanised or both.

Our patented rubber disc system around the base is designed to ensure that the creel holds position more securely on the seabed, it also stays in position better on the deck.

There are also safety advantages in that the disc system avoids some of the loose ends and possible snagging found in some other rubbering methods.

The frames come complete with rigging bars and doors.

Fully Rigged Creels specification

Fully rigged creels are rigged with 4mm x 60mm mesh net covers.

The net is fixed to the frame with twine through every mesh around the rigging bars.

Fully rigged creels are bound with 10mm rope around the bows and rigging bars and include bait string or bait band, door hooks and bungie cord.

Versions available:
Top Entry 152mm (6") diameter
Top Entry 203mm (8") diameter
Top Entry 254mm (10") diameter

Re-rigging kits to the above specification are available.

We will also quote for other sizes of creels and keep chests are made to order to your specification.

Polypots Specification

These are moulded in polyethylene on our plastic moulding machines and can be supplied in a range of colours to help with pot identification.

Thousands of these have been sold and they are increasingly used for other types of fishing.

Some spare items are shown on the product pages but if you need something just ask