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Welcome to Polypot Creels Limited

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We now manufacture our wide range of lobster pots, polypot, & creel in our enlarged modern factory on the Lion Works, industrial estate at Newtown, in Mid Wales, where we have our welding, assembly and moulding production lines.

Our range of lobster pot and creels are designed and manufactured by our team, who are established and recognised in the industry with over 20 years experience in lobster pot and creel manufacture.

Our moulded plastic shrimp and prawn pot with moulded nylon mesh entrance is a registered design, and is referred to in the industry by our trade mark POLYPOT.

Metal framed un-rubbered creels, awaiting delivery from our factory

Our Creels manufactured in fully Mig welded steel (not spot welded) are available finished with a heavy duty galvanised and plastic coating, for long life in tough conditions, and all manufacturing is monitored by our in house quality assurance system.

Our central location enables us to manufacture and distribute readily to the UK, EIRE, and Europe, and we can ship to all parts of the world.

PolyPots for Nephrop, Crab, and Crayfish

Our range of pots includes models to suit almost every type of fishing method including, lobster, crab, velvet, spider, prawn, eel, langoustine, nephrops, Dublin Bay prawn, & shrimp,

PolyPots awaiting delivery from our factory

Our lobster pot manufacturing plant at Newtown has been operating since 2000 and now has the latest advanced machinery including plastic moulding and advanced welding machines, to manufacture high quality products.

Enquiries from overseas agents welcomed.